I have volunteered at Instant Neighbour for 1 ½ years.  Prior to starting, my life was very different, I wasn’t confident and really wasn’t taking part in society at all.  Since starting at Instant Neighbour for 2 days a week, I have gradually been building my confidence, I really enjoy coming in, I now have structure to my days and a purpose.  I am now here 5 days a week, still working on my confidence, but feel that I am able to participate in society. I have taken the opportunity to improve my writing too!  It feels good to be trusted by everyone here, I like to make sure that the foodbank is organised and I know that by doing this, I am helping other people too.  If someone is suffering with their mental health and is stuck about what to do,  then I would definitely recommend volunteering at Instant Neighbour.

Steven, Aberdeen