As a charity, we undertake a variety of activities which help individuals and the wider society. It is not always easy (or possible) to measure the positive contribution we make, but we are able to provide statistics on what we do.



We are very pleased to be able to share with you all ,our 2020 Infograph. A very different set of results from 2019, it reveals the enormous impact of the COVID19 pandemic on our Charity.





We are very pleased to be able to share with you all ,our 2019 results showing what your support helped us to achieve


A massive THANK YOU to everyone who helped us achieve these amazing results last year.


This is what we were able to achieve in 2017



Some of these statistics, relating to 2016, are below.


What we did in 2016


What we did in 2015;




We couldn’t do any of the above without donations from individuals, businesses and organisations across Aberdeen City & Shire. If you wish to help us do even more in 2018, please have a look at what you can donate to us, and what volunteering opportunities are open at present.

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