ActivityMix Donation Challenge

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Instant Neighbour is lucky enough to be one of the three nominated charities – alongside Cornerstone and the Archie Foundation – for ActivityMix in 2015.

As part of this, we set the teams a challenge to collect food and textiles so that we can provide food parcels and clothing to our clients. We are pleased, and very grateful, for the response to this. We thought it would only be right to highlight the top two teams here. These are:-

  1. Chevron, who donated a fantastic 404kg of food and clothes; and
  2. LR Senergy, donating 220kg of food and clothes.

Our sincere thanks to all of the teams who participated. In particular, we wish to thank Chevron and LR Senergy for raising more than half a tonne of food and clothes alone. The food has allowed us to provide approximately 130 food parcels to those most in need in Aberdeen.

Thank you!

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